Celebrating Pastor Mark and Sharon


It is often said that “As goes the leader, so goes the church.”  One of the most reliant, courageous leaders we have ever had the privilege of knowing is Pastor Mark Zehnder, and our church reflects his heart for the Lord.

On November 13, we had the joy and privilege of praising God for Pastor Mark and his wife Sharon, who have been in ministry since 1981, and have led at King of Kings since 1993.


A Lifetime of Impact...

Pastor Mark has always had a heart for others, with a passion for equipping other pastors and blessing their churches. He is renowned in Nigeria for organizing a collection of over nearly 400,000 books for the spiritual formation of pastors. He is dearly loved by pastors around the country and in our denomination for his leading of the Courageous Conference and the Pastoral Leadership Institute, and for chairing the Mega Church Conference, where he and Sharon poured love and life into the pastors and wives of the largest churches in our denomination.

Pastor Mark has a call on his life that was passed down from his grandfather to his father, and which now extends to his son. That call was to preach the Gospel, and love God’s people. He has done both with faithfulness and excellence. Pastor Mark has led King of Kings through deep valleys and extraordinary mountaintops, and he has pointed us to Jesus each step of the way.

Sharon Zehnder has had a ministry all her own. She is an author and speaker. Her extraordinary gifts of compassion shine through her ministry to those who are grieving and in her mentorship of other pastors’ wives, numbering in the many hundreds. She has ministered in Kenya and the Philippines, and has been a loving and faithful wife, mother, grandmother, and friend.

Let us love Pastor Mark and Sharon, and outdo one another in honor and respect for them as we celebrate God’s work through them.


The Concert

Kicking off festivities for Pastor Mark’s Retirement was a Concert of Praise and Worship on Thursday, November 10, beginning at 6:30PM. We rolled out the grand piano as Pastor Mark led us in many of the songs he wrote over the years, as well as other favorites from the past and present.


The Album

Originally released in 1997, we’re excited to re-publish Pastor Mark Zehnder’s album as we honor and celebrate his 29 years in ministry at King of Kings as he and Sharon Zehnder enter retirement.

You Put A Song
In My Heart

Listen Now >

How Could You Love Me So Much

Listen Now >

The Great
I Am

Listen Now >

On The Night

Listen Now >

Jesus Lamb of God

Listen Now >

All Over Again

Listen Now >

Oh Take Me There

Listen Now >

So What

Listen Now >

Control My Soul

Listen Now >

Among Us

Listen Now >

I Trust In You
O God

Listen Now >

Let It
Be Known

Listen Now >

A Letter From Mark and Sharon

As one who spends most of my time “looking forward,” I’m in unfamiliar territory these days “looking back.” I’ve said more times than I can count, that I would rather be a part of “making history,” than I would spend my time reading about history.

Yet, here we are… Sharon and I, spending time these days, looking back.

We showed up here in Omaha 29 years ago, in October of 1993.  We had 24 hours here to buy our first home, did so, and are still in that same home all these years later. Our kids were in seventh grade, fifth grade, and kindergarten. Now, they are grown with children of their own.

Our first years in Omaha were a mix of all kinds of crazy things.

  • Three national championships for the Huskers in four years!
  • Amazing growth in God’s Kingdom here at King of Kings.

Marching from our location on West Center and 124th Street on September 11, 1994, to dedicate our new home. (Our weekly worship attendance increased by 500 the very next Sunday. )

  • Devasting losses and traumatic times in the mid-’90s where we learned a lot about ourselves, but especially about the grace and power of God.

Our hearts are full of gratefulness to God and to you, the marvelous people of King of Kings.  More than anything, the word “blessed” applies to us.

God has showered blessings upon blessings on us and we are astounded at His goodness, kindness, and love to us that we have received directly through Him but also through you.

We will never be able to put our thankfulness into words… It’s just not possible. We love you and thank God for these 29 years we have had together.

The good news is that, while we are retiring from full-time ministry here at King of Kings, we are not going anywhere. We will continue to live in Omaha and be involved at this marvelous church.

We are looking forward to two very special days coming up as a part of our retirement.

  • Thursday, November 10 at 6:30PM, we are going to roll the grand piano out and I’ll be leading us in a concert of praise and worship. We’ll sing lots of the old songs (five or six of the songs God gave me to write) as well as many other great songs of yesterday and today.
  • Sunday morning, November 13, will be special as well.  There are others who know a whole lot more about the details of that day. Sharon and I just plan to show up and watch God at work!

Truly, we love you and cherish you more than you could possibly know. We thank God for these many years we have shared together… and the many that are yet to come — here and in eternity! Let’s keep “looking forward,” even as we glance back to celebrate and remember God’s faithfulness to all of us here as His people at King of Kings.

Mark and Sharon Zehnder

Words of Blessing

Pastor Greg Griffith

Greg Griffith

Lead Pastor

“Pastor Mark and Sharon are two bright lights of love for Jesus to all who they have been entrusted to encounter. They have lived lives…”

Pastor Zach Zehnder

Zach Zehnder

Teaching Pastor

“While the headlines in our world will continue to capture broken pastors who fall, today we celebrate a husband and wife team…”

Pastor Roger Theimer

Roger Theimer

Pastor, Dir. of Global Missions

“Z-man, when I think of the many years of hanging out with you, even going back to Tennessee, I notice something about life. It rubs off…”

Pastor Leroy Gerner

Leroy Gerner

Pastor of Care Ministry

“Today we celebrate the years of ministry together with Mark and Sharon. Two notable blessings in Mark’s ministry are his love for the Gospel, which is…”

A Lifetime of Memories

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