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About the Ministry

It’s amazing the role that food plays in the Bible! From the manna God provided to the Hebrew people in the desert or the miraculous feeding of the 5,000 to the last Passover meal Jesus shared with His apostles, food and drink are constantly present in the Bible and in Jesus’ teachings. The Bible makes no secret the impact food can play in ministering to others.

That’s what we think makes our food service team a special part of the church. Through our cooking and service, we’re helping to create a warm, friendly space where people can gather to meet others and experience God.

Our Food Service Team is open to anyone who has a heart for serving others and/or loves to cook. Volunteers are needed in the morning to prep, and evening volunteers help set up, serve, and clean up the meal. Join our Food Service Team as a way to thank God, serve Jesus, and help others.


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