Life on our Production Team

Have you ever been sitting in service and something particular caught your eye? Maybe it was the way the light hit the stage or the way the music surrounded you.  Have you ever caught yourself thinking, “I wonder how they do that?” Our production team makes these things, and more, come together to make every worship experience unique and impactful.

We are always looking for people interested in making an impact on the worship experience. Aaron Engelman, Production Manager, leads the team in taking care of the many tasks that create our worship environment here at King of Kings. Including things like:

  • Operating live video cameras
  • Running the sound board
  • Operating lights
  • Advancing lyric slides and graphics
  • Directing or operating the video switcher
  • Stage directing

These are just some of the many ways you can be involved.

No idea how to get started on any of these things? Not a problem.

Whether you are ten and looking to volunteer in the Kids Worship Center or a teenager or adult looking to help in Students or the main Worship Center, there are opportunities for you. Once you come on board, the team will help you develop your interests and work with you to bring your creative input and gifts to the worship experience.

There is a lot of trust placed in every member of the team.

Zach Conrad, a Production Assistant on the team, got connected to worship tech through a youth group. This led to him to an internship with King of Kings, where he got to focus on learning about lighting and video.

“The team really gives you a lot of independence,” Zach said of his time with them so far. “There is a lot of trust placed in every member of the team. It can be a crazy environment, but it teaches you how to pivot and the impact it has on worship is huge.”

Deb Wendt, Associate Production Manager, helps Aaron to lead the team. When you first join, you may be asked to work on a camera to begin learning the ropes of how behind-the-scenes worship production works.

“We really try to jump in and help each other thrive,” Deb explained. “Anything can happen during a service, so if you can be flexible, stay calm, and be willing to learn, the team will always help each other succeed along the way. When it all works, the impact is incredible and enhances every aspect of worship. Our goal is to make it easier to help people encounter God.”

Though the work can be hectic, the team tries to make it as easy as possible to get started and stay committed. For weekly services, you would be asked to serve for both Sunday services, but only as often as you choose. Holiday services can sometimes be a larger commitment when there are more services at irregular times, plus extra rehearsals. However, Aaron works with each volunteer to incorporate them in a way that best suits their schedules. You won’t be asked to commit more than what works for you.

The impact is incredible and enhances every aspect of worship.

Our goal is to bring people together to create a worship experience that draws people into spiritual connection with God. We want to make our team experience enriching and rewarding for everyone involved. We hope our volunteers have a sense of pride in their work and what they can do. Production isn’t a great mystery. We are just people like you who have been trained to serve in a different way. It shouldn’t be scary if you don’t understand it. We will help you understand how it works.

If Aaron could leave you with one parting thought, it would be this:

“If you’re the one in worship asking, ‘I wonder how they do that?’, you’re already on my team… you just don’t know it yet.”

Looking for more information? Visit kingofkings.org/serve to get started or find a member of the production team after service and introduce yourself. We would love to meet you!