Transformation Happens In Community

“For where two or three gather together as my followers,
I am there among them.” – Matthew 18:20

We believe that transformational change occurs when God’s people meet and experience life together. Connect Groups provide this community during three defined seasons each year. During these 8-10 weeks, you’ll meet new people, gain a deeper understanding of God’s love for you, and experience the richness of what Christ has to offer us beyond what happens on Sundays.

The summer season of Connect Groups is in full swing. To participate in the fall season of Connect Groups, check back in September.

What Makes Connect Groups Different?


Rather than meet indefinitely, Connect Groups are three seasons of 8-10 weeks with short breaks in between. These defined periods require a short-term commitments and make it easier for a newcomer to join a group, and they provide clear breaks and periods of evaluation when each season is complete.

They allow the group’s facilitator to decide if they have the capacity to lead for another season or not, as well as grant group members the opportunity to determine if the group is still a good fit given changes in schedule or different seasons in life. Groups are absolutely encouraged to keep meeting between seasons if they wish.


You can sign up to join a Connect Group directly on our website. On this page, you’ll find all the different Connect Groups available at King of Kings, along with each group’s facilitator, meeting time and place, and a brief description to help you know what to expect if you join that group. From there, it’s easy! Just select a group and click to join.


For one season each year, all Connect Groups will follow the same curriculum, which will be tied to the Sunday message. We’ll all be moving through the same material as one church body, having separate discussions but coming closer as a whole.

Connect Group signups are currently closed. Let us know if you’re interested in joining a group, and we’ll let you know when signups are back open for the fall season!

Connect Groups are gatherings of 6-15 people that meet outside of regular worship hours to meet new people, develop meaningful relationships, and deepen our understanding of our faith and Christ’s love for us.

Connect Groups operate in three seasons of 8-10 weeks with short breaks in between. These defined periods require only short-term commitments, allow groups and leaders to evaluate their status and capacity, and make it easier for newcomers to join. Groups are absolutely welcome to continue meeting between seasons if they wish.

During seasons, we encourage groups to meet once per week for about 75-90 minutes (you can certainly meet longer if you like!).

People meet in Connect Group to build and strengthen relationships with others both inside and outside King of Kings Church. Through time spent together, scripture passages, and engaging discussion questions, Connect Groups get real with each other to talk about their lives, faith, needs, and whatever else comes up in conversation.

When you sign up for a group, we ask that you commit to faithfully attending for the course of that season. The end of each season provides a clear point for group facilitators and members to evaluate their current schedule, needs, capacity, and connection to the group. If you believe there could be a better fit for you elsewhere, you can join a new group next season.

The easiest way is to visit this page and browse the different groups available this season. You can also visit the Next Steps Room on Sundays or reach Dan Hoppen, the Director of Small Groups at King of Kings, directly at

Maybe God is calling you to facilitate your own group! Due to the flexibility of Connect Groups, you can really make your group whatever you want it to be, all with training and backing provided by King of Kings. It’s easier than you might think, and we have many stories of how leading a group has been a rewarding, enriching experience.

Absolutely. We understand that you want to find people you feel comfortable being real with, and not everyone reaches that level. Plus, you might realize your current group members are in a different stage of life than you or that the meeting time doesn’t fit your schedule. We do ask that you have grace and patience to stick with your group through the current season and allow God to work. But if you strongly feel at season’s end a change is necessary, you’re more than welcome to sign up for a new group in the following season.


Looking for materials for your small group? We’ve got you covered. Below are some free resources we recommend using.

Message Discussion Guides

Utilize the God, Group, Go method to unpack Sunday’s message with your group. Here you’ll find scripture to read, thought-provoking discussions questions, and more related to the Sunday teaching.

Hot Topics with Mike White

Director of Ministry Mike White tackles some of society’s hottest issues including the politicized church, race relations, sexuality, and pain and suffering. These recordings are great to watch and discuss as a group, as they present hard truths and spark honest discussion about difficult topics.


If you want to lead an online group, here are some tips and best practices on how to set up online meeting places and conduct effective, productive virtual meetings.

Facilitator Resources

Looking for materials to facilitate your small group? We’ve got you covered. Below are some free resources we recommend using.