Production Manager


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Job Details

Join our Production Department as we strive to create distraction-free worship and learning experiences. You are a seasoned technician with a passion for equipping volunteers.

Starting Date

Earliest Availability


Flexible, 40/week,
Sundays & Holidays


Job Responsibilities

  • Support Central Production Director in creating distraction-free worship and learning experiences in all venues through the use of audio, video, staging and lighting.
  • Principal manager of production volunteers; primarily recruitment and retention, but also strategizing development, relaying consistent communication and leading spiritual care.
  • Schedule volunteers for worship and events at I Street campus.
  • Provide regular communication to volunteers, production and worship staff and the church office as needed.
  • Coordinate with the Campus Worship Director on worship elements such as stage layouts, instrumentation, lighting cues, etc. and ensure communication to the Production Department as needed.
  • Collaborate with the Creative Department to provide consistent, impactful visual content across all platforms, including staging, lighting, graphics, seasonal decoration, and related elements.
  • Lead production for events, holidays, and programs on the I Street campus.
  • Attend necessary staff and production meetings.
  • All other duties as agreed upon with the Central Production Director.


  • Strong walk with Jesus
  • Above reproach
  • Organized and efficient with time management, multi-tasker
  • Self-starter
  • Great with people from all walks of life
  • Quality manager: identify problems, find solutions, and improve systems
  • Positive, stop-at-nothing attitude
  • Passionate about recruiting volunteers
  • Collaborative Loyal: committed to strengthening the bonds among campuses by reinforcing priorities, purpose, values and culture
  • Receive and give direction and feedback well
  • Team player: helps where needed at any campus

Preferred Requirements & Qualifications

Preferred Requirements:

  • Bachelors degree in media production related field
  • Three years of experience in leading live event and/or church productions
  • Proficient with MacOS, Creative Cloud and ProPresenter software
  • Familiarity with standard production hardware and systems, including, but not limited to, Dante, Yamaha CL Consoles, Q-SYS, live camera systems, HOG lighting consoles, Blackmagic Design and others.


  • Align with purpose and values of King of Kings Church
  • Champion one church in many locations
  • Abide by staff values
  • Attend weekly staff meetings and check-ins with supervisor