Introducing Connect Groups

Looking for a way to experience community, meet other members of the congregation, and grow in your faith? Connect Groups are the perfect solution!

King of Kings is excited to announce the latest evolution of our small group ministry: Connect Groups. These groups will help us collectively deepen our faith and grow closer as a church body by providing safe, open settings where members can be honest and share their thoughts, questions, and insights about Scripture and what God has done and continues to do in their lives.  While all small groups can offer these spiritual benefits, Connect Groups provide a few distinct advantages:

1. Three distinct seasons

Rather than meet indefinitely, Connect Groups will follow a calendar with three seasons of 8-10 weeks and short breaks in between. These defined periods require a short-term commitments and make it easier for a newcomer to join a group, and they provide clear breaks and periods of evaluation when each season is complete. They allow the group’s facilitator to decide if they have the capacity to lead for another season or not, as well as grant group members the opportunity to determine if the group is still a good fit given changes in schedule or different seasons in life. Groups are absolutely encouraged to keep meeting between seasons if they wish.

2. Online Signups

You can sign up to join a Connect Group using King of Kings online catalog here. On this page, you’ll find all the different Connect Groups available at King of Kings, along with each group’s facilitator, meeting time and place, and a brief description to help you know what to expect if you join that group.

2. Family Seasons

For one season each year, all Connect Groups will follow the same curriculum, which will be tied to the Sunday message. We’ll all be moving through the same material as one church body, having separate discussions but coming closer as a whole.

God calls us to be in community with one another, and honestly, it’s easier to go through life with support around us. We need our Christian family to support and uplift us in both seasons of victory and struggle. Connect Groups allow people to form bonds and support one another as we learn, share about our individual faith walks, and discover how God is using our personal stories to transform lives for His kingdom.

Ready to join a Connect Group? Check out your options here!

About the Author

Dan Hoppen

Dan is the Director of Small Groups at King of Kings. He’s the author of the book, God’s Broken Heroes, and has a second book coming out this fall in cooperation with Concordia Publishing House. Dan also is an avid foodie who hosts a weekly restaurant podcast called Restaurant Hoppen, on which he interviews chefs and restaurateurs from around Omaha.

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