Message Discussion Guide – 12.23.21 & 12.24.21 – Hope Has a Name

Hope Has a Name

Christmas Eve & Christmas Eve-Eve


Read: Matthew 2:1-4; Luke 2:8-15

  • When did these events occur in relation to one another?
  • The Jewish people hadn’t heard directly from God for 400 years. What was their mindset at this point? Were they expecting Jesus?
  • How do the Magi and shepherds respond in the verses following these passages?
  • How do these passages set the stage for Jesus’ ministry?


  1. God used angels to announce Jesus’ arrival to the Jewish shepherds and a star for the non-Jewish philosophers. Why do you think he used different signals for these groups?
  2. How do you feel like you connect best with Jesus? (i.e. worship, prayer, reading Scripture, podcasts, etc.) In what way does He speak most loudly to you?
  3. What is it about that activity that you feel draws you closer to Him?
  4. What does it say about God that He has so many different ways to connect with people?
  5. The Jews had grown used to being ruled and not hearing from God. What did Jesus’ birth represent to them?
  6. Read Galatians 4:4. What does the phrase, “we might receive adoption to our sonship” mean to you?
  7. How does the context of sonship, especially in the Christmas context as Jesus being born as a son to Mary and Joseph, mean to you?
  8. Is it hard for you to fully grasp the idea that you are God’s son or daughter? Why or why not?
  9. How does the story of Jesus’ birth give you hope?


  • How can you provide hope to someone in your life this week?
  • What can you do to remind yourself daily – even hourly – of the hope you’ve been given through Jesus’ birth, life, death, and resurrection?

Close in Prayer