Message Discussion Guide – 11.7.21 – Forgiving Challenge 6

Forgiving Challenge

Week 6 | Sanctication

Take some time to discuss the previous week’s readings and/or Challenges. Here are some things to discuss:

  • Celebrate a “win” that you had in Forgiving Challenge over the past week.
  • Share a struggle.
  • What did God reveal to you during the readings and/or Challenges this past week?

We are taking the final step towards freedom today. Would you describe yourself as a starter, a maintainer, or a finisher? Why?

Watch Forgiving Challenge Small Group video week 6 – Sanctification


The definition of sanctification is the process of being freed from sin. Why is sanctification such a vulnerable, and seemingly, dangerous final step in our journey to become free?

Zach said that truly experiencing freedom doesn’t happen until you step into and live out the life that God invites you into. Agree or disagree, and why?

Read the sermon from Acts 2:14-41 that Peter delivered. 52 days earlier, Peter couldn’t pledge allegiance and say the name “Jesus” in front of one servant girl. Now he is publicly preaching to thousands. How do you think this transformation is possible?

Zach said that often times God will use the sins of our past that were meant to destroy us to actually then bring freedom to others. How did God do this with Peter?

Are there any parts of Peter’s earthly story that stick out to you after the charcoal fire conversation in Chapter 89? Explain.

Peter’s earthly story ends being crucified upside-down on a cross because he was faithful to Jesus. Do you see this as a bad ending to his story or the ending in which Peter actually always wanted? Explain.

  1. How will you remember Peter?

Zach says on Day 39 of Forgiving Challenge: “The only way we know about the blunders of Peter is because Peter told others about them. What kind of man would let the world see his foolishness? What kind of man would so freely talk about his big blunders? Only the “Big Boulder”. Only someone who has become completely and totally content with the freedom that comes through Jesus Christ. Only someone who has turned away from his wicked ways and is walking with Jesus. Can you be any freer than this? Peter told these stories of him at his worst so you could see the best in Jesus.” Agree or disagree with Zach’s conclusion to Peter’s story.

  1. Is there a way in which God can use the sins of your past to help bring freedom to others? Explain.

Just as scars leave marks, so too, can we leave a mark with our lives. What mark do you want to leave in the world, and why?

Read: Revelation 12:11 They triumphed over him [Satan] by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony. We will defeat the enemy when we tell our stories of how God has forgiven and freed us through the blood that Jesus shed.

Zach says on Day 40 of Forgiving Challenge: “Self-forgiveness as the end goal to becoming free is a dead-end.” Why does he make this conclusion?

Now that you have been freed through the forgiveness of Jesus, what is one key takeaway that you have learned about the forgiveness of Jesus that you can use in your pursuit to forgive others?

Closing Thoughts

Say: God rescued you so that you could help rescue others!

Read: John 8:36 “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed!”

Challenge for the Week

Continue the journey of forgiveness. Now that you have been forgiven by God, go now, and forgive others! Not sure how?

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Spend time praying that God would give you the strength to continue to follow Him, no matter what cost may come. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal your next steps and to give you the courage to take those steps. Lastly, pray for others to receive this same forgiveness that Jesus has offered to you.

*For a deeper, daily experience to go alongside of the weekly small group experience, read days 34-41 of Forgiving Challenge: A 40-Day Journey Leading to Freedom.