Message Discussion Guide – 08.08.21 – Kingdom Come Week 10

Kingdom Come

Week 10

Scripture to Read

Matthew 16:13-28
Matthew 17:1-9
Matthew 3:16-17


What’s the greatest praise you ever received? What did you do to earn it, and how did it make you feel?

Diving Deeper
  1. Gates are stationary; they cannot move. So what do you think Jesus means in Matthew 16:18 when He says the gates of Hades will not overcome His church?
  2. Read 1 Peter 3:19. How does this verse relate to Matthew 16:18?
  3. In a matter of verses, Peter thrills Jesus with a response of faith and disappoints Him so much that Jesus calls him Satan. How can you relate in your life?
  4. When Jesus predicted His death in Matthew 16:21, Peter didn’t just correct Jesus; he “rebuked” Him. Why do you think Peter responded this way? And how did His action influence Jesus’ strong response?
  5. Jesus harshly reprimanded Peter for having in mind the concerns of humans, not God. What can you do to keep your eye on Heavenly concerns?
  6. What does it look like for you to “take up your cross” (Matthew 16:24) in your life?
  7. Twice in Matthew 16-17, Jesus instructs the disciples to stay quiet about something they’d seen or heard (16:20; 17:9). Why do you think He did this?
  8. Why do you think God felt the need to declare His love for Jesus during His baptism and the Transfiguration?

Close in Prayer