Message Discussion Guide – 08.01.21 – Kingdom Come Week 9

Kingdom Come

Week 9

Scripture to Read

Matthew 15:1-20

Matthew 15:21-28


What’s a tradition you think is outdated or don’t understand? This could be any type of tradition: family, work-related, city-wide, national, etc.

Diving Deeper
  1. Matthew 15:2 isn’t the first time we see Jesus clash with the Pharisees over traditional laws (Matthew 12:1-13). Why do you think Jesus considered it so important to challenge them on these matters?
  2. Jesus often reserved His condemnation for those who made God into a legalistic tyrant. In what areas of your life do you prioritize laws over God’s loving nature?
  3. How have you honored Jesus with your lips while keeping your heart far from Him?
  4. When you read this passage, who do you most closely identify with: Jesus, the Pharisees, or the disciples? Why?
  5. Read Matthew 15:21-28. Upon first reading, what do you think was Matthew’s purpose in documenting this story?
  6. How do you identify with the Canaanite woman?
  7. Why do you think Jesus didn’t immediately answer the woman?
  8. How did Jesus respond to the woman’s persistence and worship? How does this apply to your life?
  9. How do you respond when Jesus tells you, “No”? Do your response need to be adjusted?

Close in Prayer