Message Discussion Guide – 6.13.21 – Kingdom Come 2

Kingdom Come

Week 2

Scripture to Read

Matthew 4:17
Matthew 6:9-15
Luke 17:20-21


What’s one critical component of your backstory that influences who you are today?

Diving Deeper
  1. In Matthew 6:10, what does the phrase “your kingdom come” mean to you?
  2. Read Luke 17:20-21. How would you explain this verse to someone reading it for the first time?
  3. In what ways in the kingdom of Heaven more of a divine action than a place or a people?
  4. Read Matthew 24:35. How does that verse affect your answer to the previous question?
  5. Why do you think so many of Jesus’ parables (i.e. Matthew 13:24; 13:31; 18:23) begin with the phrase, “The kingdom of Heaven is like…”?
  6. In Matthew 3:1-3, John the Baptist says the kingdom of Heaven is at hand. What was he talking about here? What do you think his audience thought?
  7. Is the kingdom of Heaven here now? Why or why not?
  8. How does describing Jesus as a king change your view of Him?
  9. In what ways can you display the kingdom of Heaven to someone this week?

Close in Prayer