Message Discussion Guide – 5.9.21 – Explore God 5

Explore God

Week 5:Why would God allow pain & suffering?

Scripture to Read

John 16:33
Romans 5:3-5
Romans 8:18
1 Peter 5:10


When is a time in your life when you experienced suffering in the moment, but in retrospect can see that God used that pain for good (to develop you, to bless others, etc.)?

Diving Deeper
  1. How has your experiences with pain and suffering affected your relationship with God? Have they brought you closer? Pushed you further away?
  2. In John 16:33, Jesus tells His disciples that they will have trouble in this life, then also promises He has overcome the world. Why do you think, despite this very clear statement, we still question His goodness when struggles arise?
  3. If not for pain and suffering, do you think humans would be able to fully experience blessings and joy? Why or why not?
  4. In John 11, Jesus learns that His good friend, Lazarus, was very sick. Lazarus’ sisters asked that He come at once and heal their brother, but Jesus remained where He was for two more days. Why do you think He did this? What was the end result of the story (John 11:43-45)?
  5. Read Romans 8:28. How does this verse apply to pain and suffering?
  6. What is your typical response when pain, struggles, and suffering arrive?
  7. Read Isaiah 53:3-5. Jesus knew pain, and not just physical pain; He experienced loneliness, rejection, and separation. How does the knowledge that Jesus experienced suffering Himself impact your view on pain?
  8. How can Christians support each other in times of pain and suffering? Is there someone in your life right now that you can help?

Close with Prayer