Lent Devotional • Day 33

The Fifth Sunday of Lent (Mar. 21)

Becoming a Better Person

Narrated by Amanda Wood

You shall not steal. Exodus 20:15

The devil, the world and our sinful self poison our minds: If we have more “stuff, we are better off—we are even a better person! Stealing “stuff” then becomes an easy shortcut to becoming a better person. How toxic is that! Jesus sets us on the true path to becoming a better person. His wounds heal our poisoned minds. He “steals” our deadly sins, replacing them with God’s gracious love and mercy. There is no better person than one who thinks and acts faithfully as a child of God.

We are engaged in a lifelong healing process. Our poisoned human sinfulness is forgiven daily. In its place, God injects the healing medicine of his Holy Spirit who makes us better not because of what we have but because of what we are—beloved children of the heavenly Father.

REFLECT: What is in need of healing in your life?

PRAY: Cure my poisoned mind, Lord, with the healing wounds of your beloved Son, Jesus. Amen.

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