Lent Devotional • Day 26

The Fourth Sunday Of Lent (Mar. 14)

Narrated by Pastor Roger Theimer

We Can’t, but Jesus Can

You shall not commit adultery. Exodus 20:14

This commandment focuses on an area of our lives that is most sacred but most frequently abused. In commenting on this law, Jesus tells us (in Matthew 5:27-28) that even impure thoughts and desires are sinful. Who can plead “not guilty”?

Let’s face it: We do not become sinners because we sin: no, we sin because we are sinful by nature. Try as we may, we cannot rid ourselves of sinful desires and deeds. Our annual Lenten pilgrimage brings to mind how deep is our sin and guilt and how great is the salvation Jesus has won for us by his wounds!

When we realize that our best attempts at doing right are crippled by our sin, that is when we are drawn to the cross of Jesus. There we lay down our sins and are healed again by the wounds he suffered for us.

REFLECT: How can you rid yourself of impure thoughts?

PRAY: Thank you, my Savior, for coming to my rescue. Amen.

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