Small Groups Bible Study – 3.14.21 – Reopening Christianity

Reopening Christianity

Week 4: Am I Known For What I am For or What I Am Against?

Prep Work

Read Introduction and Chapter 4 of Reopening Christianity or watch Pastor Zach’s message at kingofkings.org/messages/online.


What is a company, business, or brand that you will support no matter what? How has this company, business, or brand instilled a good reputation with you? 

View Video 4

Study Scripture

  • John 8:1-11 

Discussion Questions 

  1. Judgmental, hypocritical, old-fashioned, political, out-of-touch, prejudiced, and bigoted areall words that get tossed around to describe Christians. Is this a fair or unfair assessment?Explain.
  2. Where do you see the positive or negative influence of Christianity most in this world?
  3. Read John 1:17. This verse declares that Jesus came into this world to lead with both graceand truth. What are the dangers of leading with only grace or only truth?
  4. As you look at Christianity as a whole, have Christians been more prone to lead with graceor truth?
  5. In the earlier Scripture reading of Jesus and the adulterous woman, what can we learn fromthe example of Jesus?
  6. As we reopen Christianity, does the world need more grace or more truth from Christians?
  7. Zach said, “We cannot fully escape this world. We cannot support the “cancel culture”movement, and at the same time, we cannot fully embrace this world. We are living in themiddle.” Agree or disagree.
  8. How can Christians stand up against injustice and at the same time stand up for Jesus?
  9. Are you known for what you are for or what you are against?


Dear God, I am sorry that I have missed the mark and contributed to a poor representation of Jesus and a poor reputation of Christians. I acknowledge that I am fully in need of Your grace in my life. As I receive Your grace, help me give that grace to others through my words and actions. Amen.