Lent Devotional • Day 24

Friday, The Third Week Of Lent (Mar. 12)

Narrated by Anne White

Our True Messiah

[Pilate] released [Barabbas] who had been thrown into prison for insurrection and murder, for whom they asked, but he delivered Jesus over to their will. Luke 23:25

Barabbas may have been the “messiah” the mob wanted, a hero who would lead a crusade against the hated Romans. At any rate, they rejected the true Messiah, the innocent Jesus, in favor of the guilty false messiah.

There is a bit of the mob in many of us, wanting the wrong kind of “salvation” from worldly ills, overlooking the salvation won for us by the true Messiah. Jesus was willing to take the place of all the guilty sinners on the center cross—truly the greatest rescue of all time.

In the midst of all the misfortunes of life, remember the true Messiah whose wounds heal you. Trust him and praise him for taking your place on the center cross.

REFLECT: What does your relationship with your true Messiah look like?

PRAY: Forgive me, Lord, for wishing for a false messiah. Thank you for saving me from my sinfulness. Amen.

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