Small Groups Bible Study – 3.7.21 – Reopening Christianity

Reopening Christianity

Week 3: Am I Playing Offense or Defense?

Prep Work

Read Introduction and Chapter 3 of Reopening Christianity or watch Pastor Zach’s message at kingofkings.org/messages/online.


What is a topic or subject that you are opinionated about but actually aren’t an expert in? 

View Video 3

Study Scripture

  • 1 Samuel 17 

Discussion Questions 

  1. In life, are you more inclined to play offense or defense, and why?
  2. Zach made the argument that David wasn’t an underdog in his fight with Goliath. Agree ordisagree, and explain.
  3. Read Psalm 23. Among other things, David describes being in a valley of death, being led bystill waters, and being anointed in the presence of his enemies. Is it possible that Davidcould have written the most popular Psalm in reference to the battle of David and Goliath?If so, would this change the way you understand Psalm 23 in any way?
  4. Last week your homework was to take a spiritual gift test. Share with the group what yourtop 3 spiritual gifts are and something tangible you can do to use those gifts.
  5. Read Isaiah 54:17. God will often use your pain and suffering to help bring purpose andmeaning in your life. Has God used your difficult moments of pain and suffering, things thatwere meant to slow you down, to help instead move you forward in the future? If so,explain.
  6. Read Romans 8:31-39. Is there anything holding you back from moving forward spiritually inconfidence? If so, explain.
  7. Are you playing offense or defense?


Dear God, You have put unique gifts inside of me. Help me to live with a sense of urgency in this world and use my gifts to share the Good News of Jesus with others. Thank You for Your promise to never leave me as I move forward confidently and boldly. Amen.