Lent Devotional • Day 9

Thursday, The First Week Of Lent (Feb. 25)

Narrated by Ruth Eickhol

An Unexpected Blessing

[Jesus] said to him, “Stretch out your hand.” And he did so, and his hand was restored. Luke 6:10

The man with a crippled hand received an unexpected blessing at the synagogue on the Sabbath. Jesus was there to heal his hand; no doubt his heart was changed as well.

Jesus still offers to heal us “with his wounds”; his wounds on the cross continue to give you new life. Reflect on the healing you have received over the years. Your heart is more loving, less greedy and more generous, less fearful, and more hopeful. No, you’re not perfect yet, but then, God isn’t through with you yet.

Jesus gave his life to give you life. Expect him to renew that life when next he meets you in worship, for “By his wounds we are healed.’

REFLECT: Think of all the blessings you have received from God.

PRAY: Lord, I do need continued healing. Heal my stubborn heart again today. Amen.

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