Small Groups Bible Study – 2.21.21 – Reopening Christianity

Reopening Christianity

Week 1: Am I moving forward or backward?

Prep Work

Read Introduction and Chapter 1 of Reopening Christianity or watch Pastor Zach’s message at kingofkings.org/messages/online.


If you could go back in time period which day would you choose? Why?

View Video 1

Study Scripture

  • Exodus 6:1-8
  • Exodus 16:1-18
  • Exodus 19:3-6 

Discussion Questions 

  1. Would you describe yourself as a Christian? Explain.
  2. What memories or experiences fill you with nostalgia?
  3. Do you tend to think of the past, present, or future more? Explain.
  4. When you reflect on your life, do you feel God has been faithful to you? Explain.
  5. Like the Israelites, a flawed view of the past can lead us to mistrust God’s promises of the future. Is there a particular promise of God that you have a hard time believing? Explain.
  6. Alongside of obstacles come opportunities. Is there a great opportunity for you personally to make a change when it comes to your faith or relationship with God? Explain.
  7. What is one thing about your past that you can repurpose and bring forward?
  8. Read Exodus 32-33:17. Even though the Israelites sinned against God, He gave them a second chance. God always gives second chances when we call out to Him. Agree or disagree, and explain.
  9. What are you most looking forward to in this present life or eternity?
  10. Are you moving forward or going backward?


Dear God, in the past I have missed Your miracles and provision in my life. I am sorry that I have not always represented You well in my present. As I look back and see Your faithfulness, help me to move forward confidently and boldly into the future with You as my Guide. Amen.