Small Groups Bible Study – Nov. 22


Week 4: Finances

In ONE Sentence describe the following to the group:


Were your responses generally negative or positive?

Looking back over 2020, what are some blessings and positive things that God has done?

Dive Deeper

Read Acts 4:32-35

  1. What do you notice about the followers as they gave?
  2. What prompted their response to give?
  3. When we realize the power of the victory of the empty tomb, we give not to get something, but from a heart transformed. Describe what difference this makes in your giving.

Read Malachi 3:10

  1. Would you ever test the Lord even if He told you to?  Why not? 
  2. Have you tried to test Him in your finances from a first fruit giving perspective?
  3. Can you imagine not having a single need?
    1. Discuss the difference between needs and wants?

Read Luke 11:42

  1. What does it mean that tithing is an Old and New Testament reality?
  2. One who tithes is also to practice justice and the love of God.  What are some specific examples of how your tithing can support justice and love endeavors?

Privately pray about what step you’re on in the generosity ladder and how God will help you move on the step.

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