Small Groups Bible Study – Nov. 12


Week 3: Time

If you could spend your time doing anything, what would you do? 

Dive Deeper

1. How does the American culture influence how you spend your time?

2. Who invested the greatest amount of time in your life and how did that shape you? 

3. Who do you invest the greatest amount of time in and what does that look like?

4. Do you feel like you have control of your time?  Why or why not?

5. Do expectations from others, or urgent things, consume your time?  How can you identify these expectations and move away from them towards the most important things?

6. If you think about Jesus’ life, how did He spend His time?  How can Jesus’ use of His time, inform our usage of time?

7. Read Luke 9:23-27 and discuss the meaning of this passage.

  • What steps can you take from this passage to better leverage your time?
  • Who is someone that you can invest your time in this week?
  • What steps can you take at church to better invest your time?

8. Read Acts 17:26-27 and discuss the meaning

  • How do you think this passage can influence your time?