Small Groups Bible Study – Oct. 25


Scripture for Review: 

Psalm 1
Psalm 41:13


Share one memory about a deceased family member. Share something about someone in your
family tree.

Questions for Discussion: Please discuss one, or more, of the following questions. 
  1. Read Psalm 1. What do you think of when you read “delight in the law of the Lord”. How does that change when you think about it referring to the Torah (first 5 books of the Bible)?
  2. Who is the most faithful human being you know? What do you admire about their faithfulness? Read Psalm 41:13. Reflect on God’s faithfulness and His unwavering faithfulness regardless of your actions.
  3. What do you think God’s purpose is for you today? This week? This month?
  4. What does it mean to lament? Many people struggle with the ability to lament to God. When things are bad or when life is down and out, we want to shout at God, but don’t think He will allow us to. The Psalms give us a picture that God has given us permission to lament. How does that fact impact your understanding of the character of God and your relationship with your Heavenly loving Father?
  5. Where in your life right now does it feel like God is not in control? Reflecting on Moses and the slavery of God’s people in Egypt, Jesus on the Cross and Paul in Prison, how do you know that even though it may seem that God is powerless at times, He actually has strength and is the Lord who reigns? 
  6.  Someone on your phone play the song Raise a Hallelujah. As you hear the lyrics, reflect on the reality that the word hallelujah means Praise Yahweh.
Below is a graphic that summarizes the Psalms