Thrive: Living Life with Fullness of Joy (Part 2 of 2)

By Kylie Keisling

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” John 10:10 

In my last blog I talked about how to live in the abundance of life God wants for us. Today I’ll walk us through three practical steps to create lasting joy in your daily life. Teddy Roosevelt once said “comparison is the thief joy”. I would like to expand upon that phrase to comparison, complaining, and catastrophizing are the thieves of joy.  

Comparison-We can always find ways we don’t measure up. Often we value others’ gifts over our own. Comparison and criticism go hand in hand. Be kind, especially towards yourself.  

Tip: If you find yourself comparing yourself to others list three of your own strengths. Your self-talk matters, build yourself up!  

Catastrophizing- Anxiety thrives on catastrophizing. So often we jump to the worst possible scenario. Catastrophizing steals us from the present moment. Anxiety sits in the past and future, joy lives in the present moment.  

Tip: When you find yourself catastrophizing call yourself back to the present moment. Focus on each of your 5 senses to regain your calm.  

Complaining-When we complain we train our brain to focus on the negative. The more we complain the less gratitude we experience. God made our brains with the ability to change. When we focus on gratitude we’ll start to see more of life’s gifts and less of the inconveniences.  

Tip: Every time you find yourself complaining find three things you are grateful for. The simple practice of gratitude can change your life!  

If these three Cs ring true for you, as they have in my own life, check out the upcoming group Thrive: Living in Fullness of Joy. Dr. Brenda Neyens and I will be leading this 5 week group to explore how to thrive in the life God has planned for us. During Thrive you can expect to understand your own unique stressors, learn practical skills to live the life you desire, and connect with people also looking to live the fullness of joy that God has created us for. This five-week zoom class will start on SEP 15th from 5-6pm CST. Dr. Neyens and I are both counselors at The Core and have a combined 2o years of experience.  

Kylie is a soon to be provisionally licensed counselor at The Core. You can contact her at kyliek@kingofkingsomaha.org