Small Groups Bible Study – August 23

Pray Without Ceasing 3

Jesus, Our Intercessor 

Scripture for Review: 

Romans 8:31-34

Hebrews 9:11-14

Matthew 14:22-33


Tell about a time you prayed hard for someone.  What was the outcome?

Questions for Discussion: Please discuss one, or more, of the following questions. 
  1. Jesus values us so much he intercedes for us, meaning he goes to God on our behalf.  How does knowing this affect your day-to-day choices? 
  2. Share about a time when you felt overwhelmed or unsupported.  How does knowing Christ has walked in your shoes, help you overcome your adversity?   
  3. Read Matthew 14:22-33.  How does knowing Jesus prays for you change your approach to prayer?  
  4. How does knowing you are an intercessor change your approach to praying for others?