Small Groups Bible Study – August 2


Practicing the Peace of God

Getting Started

What do you do, or where do you go, if you need to get away from nagging problems?

Our Focus: Practice The Peace Of God Because You Have Peace With God

Because we have peace with God through Jesus, we are reminded to rejoice in every circumstance, pray with thanksgiving and be quick to see God’s goodness all around us.

What Is More Important Than Winning Personal Disagreements?

Read Phil. 4: 2-4

Paul uses the conflict between two members to point to a bigger picture. Paul calls us to rejoice, not because of the situation, but because the Lord is the cause and source of rejoicing.

  • Share about a time when you felt stuck in a disagreement with another person. How would your disputes look different if you stopped to rejoice and see God in the middle of them?
Live Out The Peace Of God

Read Phil. 4: 5-7

This is the only time in the New Testament when the phrase, “the peace of God” is used. This peace, like love, is a part of God’s inner character. Because God shares this peace with us, we can rejoice.

  • How have you seen the “peace of God” in your own life?
Think On These Things

Read Phil. 4: 8-9

The joy we feel because of the peace of God allows us to notice our world differently.

  • Think about your day and share one thing that happened that displays the virtues in verse 8.
  • How would your daily level of joy change if you regularly practiced these virtues?
Thanks For Your Gifts

Read Phil. 4: 10-13

Paul writes he has learned “the secret of being content in any and every situation.”

  • What situation is God using to teach you to be content?
Closing prayers

Read Phil. 4:6 and close in prayers remembering all that gives us joy.