Small Groups Bible Study – July 26


Pressing Toward the Goal

Getting Started

Share about a time you set, what seemed like an impossible goal, but were able to achieve it. How did pursuing that goal make you feel?

Our Focus: Pressing Toward The Goal Of Winning God’s Prize

We cannot win our salvation by running races and pursuing goals but doing so is living the life that Christ has won for us.

What Needs To Be Left Behind

Read Phil. 3: 2-6. Paul is addressing a group within the church that was teaching something dangerous to the gospel: “You must be circumcised to be saved. You must follow all the Jewish customs.” Their teaching was becoming a game of religious comparison. However, Paul explains it means nothing and should be left behind.

  • What is a religious notion, church custom, or area of religious pride that you have let go of to better trust God’s grace for you?
Pursuing Knowing Christ More

Read Phil. 3:10. Paul talks about knowing the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His suffering.

  • The power of His resurrection: Have you experienced a new start from an old destructive behavior? How did you grow from it?
  • The fellowship of his sufferings: Have you experienced persecution or loss for Jesus’ sake? How did you grow from it?
We Want To Live Up To What We Have Already Obtained In Christ

Read Phil. 3:12-16.

  • As you look at living a life in Christ, what are you pursuing?
  • Do you hesitate to seek fullness from Christ in your life? How would your life change if you always sought fullness from Christ?
Closing prayers.

Read Phil 3: 1. Close in prayer, remembering all that we can be thankful and joyful.