Small Groups Bible Study – July 19


Contagious Humility—It transforms us!

Getting Started

What is one of the worst jobs you’ve ever had?

Our Focus: Contagious Humility—It Transforms Us

How do we get humility? We catch it when we get closer to Jesus, and it transforms us. This has prepared us to serve others above ourselves.

Christ’s Humiliation And Exaltation

Read verses 5-11 out loud. Have each person identify one phrase that describes Jesus on his path of humiliation, or path of adoration.

  • How do you see Him in your mind’s eye in that state? Share how you imagine Jesus to look in that state of humiliation or adoration.
We Can Act From Arrogance Or Humility

Paul talks about the joy of being together in humility. Humility is to serve others and shows our lives transformed. Read verses 1-5. Reflect on verse 3.

  • What would it look like if you acted out of selfish ambition or vain conceit in one area of your life today?
  • Give a specific example from your life, today, where you displayed genuine humility. How did it feel?
We Catch An Attitude Of Humility From Jesus

Jesus set divine rights aside because of humility, which displays true strength. Though He was God, He became a servant for us.

  • How is it a blessing to have a spirit of humility?
Closing Prayers

Pray for one another. Also, pray for some of the items described in verses 1-5.