Small Groups Bible Study – July 12


Finding Purpose and Joy

Getting started question:

“Something that I recently did that brought me a simple, satisfying joy was…”

Our focus: Seeing Jesus and Finding a New Identity & Purpose

Paul found a new identity and purpose in Christ. In doing so, he also found joy, even in prison. It isn’t because he is just searching for joy, but because he is experiencing what Jesus has done and continues to do in Paul’s life. He sees Jesus’ working, and he finds joy. 

Seeing Jesus in the Gospel 

Read Phil. 1: 5,7,12,16,27, which refer to the gospel. Read them in the context of chapter 1 and discuss: 

  • Was there a specific time or season of your life that the truth of the Gospel transformed you? Share about that time. 
  • Have you ever re-evaluated or questioned your purpose in life, and how has your faith in Jesus, helped determine your purpose?
Opportunities vs. Challenges 

Read Phil. 1: 20-23:

  • What are some challenges you’ve experienced in the last three months that you could turn into opportunities, or did? 
  • Paul tells us, “…to live is Christ and to die is gain.” Knowing we have a unified purpose, how can that change your view of challenges?
Purpose. Unity. Love 

Read Phil. 1: 9-1 & 27-30:

  • How has the Christian community helped you through tough times and has the body of Christ, helped you have perspective and joy in tough times?
  • How can you share this joy with others so that they may see Christ?
Closing thought. 

Paul writes, “For me to live is Christ and to die is gain.” Try substituting other words for the word “Christ,” using words that describe what some might make their ultimate aim in life. Money? Fame? Success? Try other words. They all fall ridiculously, short, don’t they? See Jesus…and live with joy. Even to die is gain!

Closing prayers. 

Pray for one another according to shared requests. Pray with joy. You are partners in the gospel.