Called to Push a Space Bar

When my wife and I were looking for churches a few years ago, we knew that being involved with groups was important for our spiritual growth as individuals, along with the spiritual growth of our family. It’s nearly impossible to form meaningful relationships if you come in to church at 8:59 and leave at 10:01. Shaking hands when someone tells you to is fine, but I’ve personally never met anyone new that way. After our first few months at King of Kings, it was announced during a service that the tech team was looking for new volunteers. The easiest way to explain what the tech team does is that they make sure the sound and the screens are working to aid in your worship center experience. I enjoy technology, so I decided to volunteer. 

Each of our individual roles come together

The first week, they put me at the big camera in the back and I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t know what the buttons and handles did. I didn’t know who iris was (found out later – not a person, but an image term). With grace and assistance from the rest of the team, I got more and more comfortable at the helm of the camera. I kept getting asked to come back. After a few months, I got moved to the computer, which puts lyrics and slides up on the screens. King of Kings has an amazing staff that makes serving easy. I show up on Sundays and all the slides are created and waiting for me. I only need to listen to the singer and push the space bar to advance to the next slide so you can sing along.  

During a team gathering my first year, Worship Director Tyler Rohlfsen was talking with us about the role that volunteers play. It’s been a few years, so I’m paraphrasing, but he said something to the effect of we may seem like we’re called to push the space bar. But it’s more than that. Each of our individual roles come together with the other teams to make for an exceptional church service experience for attendees. 

I’d like to think God has called me to do more in life than push the space bar. I think God has given me talents so that I can be a small but valuable part of an amazing team that has a role in the church’s mission of transforming lives through connection to God, each other, and the world. Having four kids and a wife who has served in various Kids Kount roles over the years, it takes some coordination from my family to dedicate a Sunday a month to volunteering. We feel it’s worth it. Our serving has led our older kids to start doing their own serving on both Sundays and Wednesdays. We love that they are developing their own relationships with the kids and adult leaders that they work with.

Not everyone will be called to push a space bar. Maybe you’re being called to set out napkins during meals. Maybe you’re being called to smile at people and hold the door for them when they walk in. Whatever your call to serve is, King of Kings will help you answer it.

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About the Author

Josh Allen

Josh Allen serves on the King of Kings tech team.