Man up.

“Man up!” I like a challenge. Most guys do. If you want to motivate a guy, you don’t start with something like, “Maybe you should do this ‘cause…well…anyone could do it.” Nope. Guys like a challenge. So when they hear “Man up!” it means, “If you want to do this, you’ll have to call on some testosterone, step up, and get ‘er done.” Want to motivate them further? Tell them they don’t have what it takes to get ‘er done! Whoa. Get out of the way. Someone will “Man up!” on that one.

But what about spirituality? What does it mean to “Man up!” in your walk with God? Sometimes guys view spiritual things as too touchy-feely. Or some prefer to be passive in this area, leaving the spiritual side of life for the wife. Maybe it’s too private a matter, or you just don’t know how to experience a robust walk with God. Do any of these describe you? Then I have two words for you. Man up!

We are going to have an evening to challenge men in their walk with God. It’s called Step Up. Of course, we begin with ribs and wings. Good conversation. Meet some other guys. Then short talks only five minutes followed by ten minutes of table discussion.

  • What might your walk with God look like?
  • How to boost your time alone with God.
  • Why guys need other men in their life to talk about spiritual matters.
  • What’s your next big God adventure?
When does it happen?

Wednesday • May 1 • 6-7:30PM

Go ahead. “Man up!”  Betcha can’t do it!

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Dr. Roger Theimer is the Pastor of Faith Formation and Director of Kids Kount Publishing at King of Kings.