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Hello to all of our King of Kings family, we bring greetings from Malawi!

It has been an interesting start of the year, with lots of rain, a tropical cyclone, and God continues to stretch our faith and grow us in different ways. Our family has been busy with school, swimming, and Jeremiah’s 5th birthday; where he decided it would be a good idea to climb a mountain on his special day and he made it to the summit. We also have been moving forward in ministry and have begun the process of opening a preschool in September and are signing long-term agreements to rent a space in the same community we plan to build our High School. This is an exciting development as we plan on using some of our College Sponsorship students to teach at our Pre-School, God brings all things full circle, Thank You, Jesus! Please continue to pray that all of the land documents and agreements with our High School would be completed quickly so that we can make more plans and get that project moving also.

As a family, we are still waiting for the next step in our daughter Prisca’s adoption and are praying that God will bring it to completion so that we can make our plans to come visit the US. We are planning to come this summer as a family so please continue to pray we will find a vehicle and a place to stay for our time there. Blessings to you all and as always we appreciate all of your continued prayers and support!

Every month we want to highlight one of the students we work with and give you an opportunity to pray into their life. This month we’d like to introduce you to Nellie Petro. Check out this letter she recently wrote to us:

My name is Nellie Petro, I am a girl aged 20 years and was born on 23 of January 1998

I lost my mother when I was nine due to kidney failure. When I turned ten years old my dad was sent to prison, since then I have never seen him. After all of this happened, that is when I started learning at Jacaranda School for Orphans.

I started school in Form 1 at Jacaranda School in 2011. I finished Form 4 in 2014 and am a holder of my MSCE certificate. My hobbies are reading, dancing, story writing, and teaching.

In future I wish to become a teacher, because teaching has been one of my greatest hobbies and one gets to interact with students and in return also gains knowledge.

We are very thankful that Nellie and the other students you will meet are currently being sponsored to attend University.  There are, however, many more students from the Jacaranda School for Orphans who are waiting for their chance to further their education.  If you feel like you could sponsor one of these children, feel free to email us at theottosinafrica@gmail.com.

This opportunity is life-changing for these first-generation college students. When they graduate University and begin to earn an income for themselves, most students will use a portion of that income to help their younger siblings and family in the village where life is very hard. By investing in the education of one child, it is impacting generations to come after them.

These are the things that Nellie asks you to be praying for:

  1. Strength for her to finish her classes and practicum hours well to prepare her for the next step in her life journey.
  2. Prayers for her continued good health as she was having major stomach problems that have caused her to miss class due to multiple hospital visits. She is making up the time now but needs our prayers to continue to be in good health to avoid extending her graduation time.

Please continue to pray for this student as she is at the end of her University journey. Pray that she would remain focused and dedicated to achieving the goals that God has set forth in her heart.

With Love,

Trevor, Kasey, Victoria, Corbin, Penelope, Elliott, Jeremiah, Prisca, and Gabriel

Check back next month as we introduce you to another student supported by the Otto's ministry.

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Kasey & Trevor Otto

In December of 2013, Trevor and Kasey Otto moved from Omaha to Malawi, Africa. Since then, they have focused on working to improve education for students in Malawi. If you’d like to learn more about the Otto family and their mission, you can visit their website or contact them at theottosinafrica@gmail.com.

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