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Happy New Year to all our friends and family at King of Kings! We are so blessed to have this new year of beginnings and excited for what God has in store for us. The kids are back to school after a long but much needed holiday break and seem excited for what the new school term will bring. We are progressing with our plans to build a new school and are excited as we see God opening doors and showing us the next steps to making this vision a reality. Please be in prayer about this and that God would lead us every step of the way and that we would continue to have the faith to take the steps needed. We are still in the process of adopting our little girl Prisca and are hopeful that the process will be completed in the beginning of this year. Please continue to pray that this would continue to move forward and come to completion. We are also planning on coming to visit this year and are in need of housing and a vehicle that can equip our large family, so please be in prayer about this as well as we prepare. We appreciate all of your continued support and pray that the Lord of hosts would richly bless all of you in this New Year!

Every month we want to highlight one of the students we work with and give you an opportunity to pray into their life. This month we’d like to introduce you to Tawina Chokani. Check out this letter he recently wrote to us:

My name is Tawina Lloyd Chokani. I am a student at jacaranda school for orphan. I was born on 7th march 1997 that means I will be turning 21 years old on 7 March.

To talk about my life and my family, I was born in a poor family with four children and am the first born in this family followed by younger three brothers. By the time I finished my primary level, I failed to proceed with my education because there was no one to pay school fees at secondary school; even my aunt was not able to do so. Why am I talking about my aunt? It’s simply because my mother and father passed away by the time I was young. So from that moment I have been staying with my aunt whom I took as my mother.

With the hope that my aunt was having, she decided to go and meet with Aunt Marie to ask for the place at secondary so that I could proceed with my studies. With the goodness of our Lord, God answered our prayer whereby it was 2011 when I started learning at jacaranda. I started from form 1 up to form 4. I have been there almost five years. After I wrote my Malawi School Certificate of Education I have been waiting to find a chance to go to college to proceed with my studies of Information Communication Technology.

I would like to thank you so much for giving me this chance of a sponsorship as it has been my dream for a long time to study in college.

We are very thankful that Tawina and the other students you will meet are currently being sponsored to attend University.  There are, however, many more students from the Jacaranda School for Orphans who are waiting for their chance to further their education.  If you feel like you could sponsor one of these children, feel free to email us at theottosinafrica@gmail.com.

This opportunity is life-changing for these first-generation college students. When they graduate University and begin to earn an income for themselves, most students will use a portion of that income to help their younger siblings and family in the village where life is very hard. By investing in the education of one child, it is impacting generations to come after them.

These are the things that Chiku asks you to be praying for:

  1. Wisdom and Strength as he prepares to take his end of semester exams.
  2. Good rains for Malawi that will bring a good maize harvest.
  3. His friends at the hostel that aren’t believers that they would have a heart change and accept Jesus.

Please continue to pray for this student as he is at the end of his University journey. Pray that he would remain focused and dedicated to achieving the goals that God has set forth in his heart.

With Love,

Trevor, Kasey, Victoria, Corbin, Penelope, Elliott, Jeremiah, Prisca, and Gabriel

Check back next month as we introduce you to another student supported by the Otto's ministry.

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Kasey & Trevor Otto

In December of 2013, Trevor and Kasey Otto moved from Omaha to Malawi, Africa. Since then, they have focused on working to improve education for students in Malawi. If you’d like to learn more about the Otto family and their mission, you can visit their website or contact them at theottosinafrica@gmail.com.

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