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Hi King of Kings!  My husband and I first started attending King of Kings around 2007 when our two oldest children were small.  Prior to this, I worshiped with Pastor Mac and the youth when I was in high school. We know and love many of you already but want to introduce ourselves to the new faces!

We moved with our family to Malawi in December of 2013 and have experienced all of the ups and downs that come with serving God in a cross-cultural way. God has focused our mission and calling and has highlighted to us the importance of education for the future of Malawi.  Currently, we facilitate a College Sponsorship Program where we enable orphan and vulnerable children who have managed to graduate secondary school a chance to attend University. We are very excited to see how God will use their education in the future to help their families and the nation of Malawi as a whole.

We are also in the process of establishing a free, Christian secondary school that will target high achieving students from the most poverty-stricken area of Blantyre. This will be the first school of this kind in Malawi.

This opportunity is life-changing for first-generation college students.


Every month we want to highlight one of the students we work with and give you an opportunity to pray into their life. This month we’d like to introduce you to Chikumbutsu Mbewe, a student who graduated from the Jacaranda School for Orphans in 2016.  He has been waiting two years to attend university and is very excited to be starting this new chapter in his life. Check out this letter he recently wrote to us:

Am a boy 24 years old and last born in a family of five children. My father died before I Was born, after his death my mother and her children were chased out of the house because the land belongs to my father’s family. My brother and three sisters went to Mozambique to work in tobacco farmers, when was eight years old my mother got married to another man due to some problems the marriage ended in 2013. After that Another family offered us a small house to stay for a mean time up to a time another family took me to stay with because I was doing good in school.

I did my primary school at Chisawani and in 2010 I was selected to Dedza boys secondary school. Due to Financial problems I stopped schooling there in 2013. After staying for a year at home my friend told me about Jacaranda therefore I joined Jacaranda in 2014. 

During my university I will be studying Bachelor of Science in natural resources management (Land and Water)

After graduating I would like to become a lecturer as an easy way of helping others and also working with Board department to reduce water problems

At last I would like to thank you sir for your help and I promise to work hard in order to fulfill my dreams. Thanks a lot sir for that. 

We are very thankful that Chikumbutso and the other students you will meet are currently being sponsored to attend University.  There are, however, many more students from the Jacaranda School for Orphans who are waiting for their chance to further their education.  If you feel like you could sponsor one of these children, feel free to email us at theottosinafrica@gmail.com.

This opportunity is life-changing for these first-generation college students. When they graduate University and begin to earn an income for themselves, most students will use a portion of that income to help their younger siblings and family in the village where life is very hard. By investing in the education of one child, it is impacting generations to come after them.

These are the things that Chiku asks you to be praying for:

  1. That Chiku would remain healthy so that he should not miss any of his classes.
  2. Please pray for God to provide a permanent house for his mum to live so that she should not have to be finding money for rent every month.
  3. Pray for peace at the school to avoid strikes, which cause the campus to be shut down. This tends to happen frequently at Universities across Malawi when professors are not paid on time, there are contract disagreements, etc. These strikes sometimes last for months and make it very difficult for the students
  4. Please pray for Chiku that he would stay strong in his faith and would continue to act in a Christian way when those around him are not.

Check back next month as we introduce you to another student supported by the Otto's ministry.

About the Author

Kasey & Trevor Otto

In December of 2013, Trevor and Kasey Otto moved from Omaha to Malawi, Africa. Since then, they have focused on working to improve education for students in Malawi. If you’d like to learn more about the Otto family and their mission, you can visit their website or contact them at theottosinafrica@gmail.com.

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