Did Jesus have a brand?

Our world is changing fast! A little more than a decade ago we were asking each other how Facebook worked. In that time, we’ve seen a dozen or so iPhone models, and YouTube has become a primary source of entertainment with advertisements that make particularly talented individuals with a basic video camera, millions of dollars. It isn’t just that technology has progressed, although it has progressed leaps and bounds, but more importantly, it’s about how the average person has more power to show themselves to the world. 

Although the thoughts of how we present ourselves have always been relevant, we are in an age now where terms like “personal branding” and “social media presence” are thrown around more than a baseball in the College World Series. Have you updated your LinkedIn page recently? Have you posted enough on Instagram? What should you share on Facebook, but not Twitter? What should you share on Twitter, but not Facebook?

It’s so easy to get caught in the whirlwind! And when anything outrageous or out of the ordinary happens, many of us gravitate towards social media first to tell the world about it. Almost all of us, intentionally or unintentionally, create our own brand. We brand ourselves. I’m not saying that’s necessarily good or necessarily bad, but it is the reality of the world we live in. 

Did Jesus have a personal brand?

Out of that reality, I’ve been pondering recently, Did Jesus have a personal brand? What did Jesus promote about himself? I encourage you to open up the Gospels and ask yourselves that question. Out of that question brings about another one: Is the way I present myself to the world, in person, or on social media, or in any other form of communication in line with the values and message that Jesus communicated?

How is my personal branding or social media presence impacting the world, or a friend, or a stranger, or someone looking for hope? Do the fruits of the spirit apply here? What about the values of our church? That is being reliant, authentic, courageous, and generous.

How is my personal branding or social media presence impacting the world

All of that is a lot of questions, and I encourage you to dig deep to answer those, but I’ll leave you with this: I encourage you to ask God for vision for what you show to the world. Let’s not individually and unintentionally develop into a brand or a social media presence, but let’s together work on how we can be a voice that reflects Jesus. That can look many different ways, but have a vision and go for it!

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Jon Bartels

Jon Bartels is the Worship Producer at King of Kings. He studied business administration and marketing at Concorida Univeristy Nebraska. He is an avid watcher of Star Wars films and loves his guitars a little too much…okay, way too much.