Finding the Courage to Say YES to God’s Plan

We Transform Lives – through connection to our world.

Looking back over my life (or the last 25 years of it anyway), I see how God has given me the courage to connect to our world. I can look back and see how He made me courageous because I definitely couldn’t have walked the path I’ve been on without Him leading me and guiding every step.

I’ve grown up in the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod, and Missionaries were always those guys who were experts at traveling around the world with the knowledge, boldness, and courage to reach other tribes and nations that didn’t know about Jesus. It was never something that I could do myself. No, my job was just to pray for them and ask God to take care of them and give them all they needed. I had faith that He was doing that. And that was all the thought I put into it, until one day in 1995 when a beautiful missionary lady visited our church from Haiti.

That day changed my life and my outlook on mission work forever. One thing led to another, and when she came back to King of Kings a second time, I offered to host her in my home. Eleanor “Mom” Workman was an “ordinary” lady. Ha. Ordinary – far from it! She sang in a choir in her home church in Georgia. Her husband died young, and she had no children. So she asked God what she was supposed to do for the rest of her life. He led her to start an orphanage in Port-au-Prince Haiti. Then she started a school inside the orphanage. Then she built a church. Her influence went far beyond what any of us will ever know or imagine. And God filled her life with children and with love.

But what influenced my life the most in knowing Mom Workman was that she prayed with me and asked God to show me what I was supposed to do. Now I’ve been a Secretary / Administrative Assistant for almost 40 years. That’s what God created me to do, and that’s what I’ve been very content in doing my entire adult life. But because of her prayers, God showed me that I too am a missionary. And so are you!

YES – He has a plan for you too!

I took a bold step and volunteered to lead a short-term mission team to Haiti. There were 24 of us, and we went for 14 days and worked in that orphanage in Port-au-Prince. Two years later I led a team to an orphanage in Taiwan. Then my next trip was to Nakuru, Kenya. What?! But I’m just a secretary. And I’m a secretary who said Yes when God called me. One of my favorite hymns echoes the verse in Isaiah, chapter 6 which reads:

“Hark, the voice of Jesus crying, ‘Who will go and work today? Fields are white and harvests waiting, who will bear the sheaves away?’ Loud and long the Master calleth, rich reward He offers thee; who will answer gladly saying, ‘Here am I, send me, send me!'”

YES – I can be used by God to transform lives. YES – I can be courageous through the strength and power of the Holy Spirit. And YES – He has a plan for you too. Not everyone is supposed to go on a mission trip overseas. Maybe your mission trip will be to your neighbor across the street. Be courageous, have faith, and say YES to whatever He has planned for you to connect to our world.

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At King of Kings, We Transform Lives through connection: Connection to God, Connection to Each Other, and Connection to our World.

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Terri Hitsman

Terri Hitsman is Executive Administrative Assistant to the Lead Pastor at King of Kings.