Becoming a “There You Are” Church

As someone who’s blessed to be on staff here at King of Kings, I am really excited about living out our new purpose and values in 2018 and beyond. As I thought about our values of reliant, authentic, courageous, and generous, I realized that there’s one thing each of us can do that covers all four of these, and that’s becoming a There You Are person.

What in the world is a There You Are person? It’s a person who walks into a room and says with their actions, “There you are! I’ve been wanting to talk to you. You are important to me.”

It’s a person who seeks others out, includes others in the conversation, and who truly listens. Jesus was the ultimate There You Are person. He noticed people, especially the lonely and hurting people, called them by name, and made them feel loved.

Jesus was the ultimate There You Are person.

Honestly, it’s a lot easier to be a Here I Am person. The kind of person who walks into a room with the expectation that others should come talk to them, instead of the other way around. Here I Am people don’t make an effort. Instead they wait for others to pursue them and make the first move.

Being There You Are people requires us to be:


Listen with empathy and be humble enough to share your personal joys and struggles with others.


Put yourself out there and look for someone new to talk to rather than sticking with the people who already know and like you.


Share your time and your heart with others, all while being enthusiastic and cheerful.


Allow Jesus’ love to flow through you, asking Him to help you when you fall back to being a Here I Am person.

My prayer this year is that I would model my life after Jesus, who said “There you are!” in everything He said and did. Will you join me?

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About the Author

Julie Eesley

Julie Eesley is the Executive Director at King of Kings. She is married to Dale, has three sons, and a geriatric dachshund.